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Important technical terms (Drawing Related) for a Quantity Surveyor

Though below mentioned terms can be easily familiarized by Professional Quantity surveyor within no time after he enter into real construction industry, it is useful for the students to understand the concepts & procedure completely. For the clear explanation purposes they are discussed in different headings.

Sample drawing

Sample drawing

A. Terms related to drawings


1. Tender drawings

These are the drawings given to the bidders at the tender time to price the blank BOQ. It should be read in line with specifications to proper pricing of the BOQ. For example sometimes supports are not mentioned in tender drawings but if it is provided in specification, bidder should consider the cost of that supports while pricing the particular item. Tender drawings & Specifications are very important in the post contract stage to deal with variations.

2. IFC Drawings

It is the short form of “Issued for construction”. This is the drawing is given by the consultant for construction purposes as well as preparation of shop drawings to the contractor. Some times for reference purposes and information purposes drawings shall be issued. They are known as “Issued for reference” (IFR) and “Issued for Information” (IFI) respectively.

3. Architectural Drawings & Structural Drawings

These two drawings decide the stability of the construction. As name suggests Architectural drawings are prepared by Architects & Structural drawings are prepared by Structural Engineers. Architects are the first people who make the client’s requirement in paper. Structural engineers make sure that Architect’s design safe and structurally secure. Both the drawings are meaningless without each other.

4. Interior Design Drawings (ID drawings)

It provides the details or the interior structure of the construction project. For the commercial building projects it adds value. Proper coordination with other trades is very vital for deliver quality interior to the project.

5. Shop drawings

It is prepared by the service provider. Sometimes by Sub-contractor or supplier. The purpose of the shop drawings is to give assistance to the people who are doing the actual work at site. It has more details than other construction drawings. When MEP Sub-contractor makes shop drawings, he has to refer the IFC, ID drawings, Architectural Drawings & Structural Drawings proper the proper coordination.

6. Request for Information (RFI)

This is very common term which is used in construction industry. When a contractor is making the shop drawings, if he found a discrepancy he shall write to the consultant for clarification. That is known as RFI. The response shall be used for the continuous process.

7. As-built drawings

As name suggests these are the drawings prepared by the contractor after the execution of the works at site. These drawings reflect the actual construction of the project. These can be used for the final account purposes as well as the maintenance purposes.

It is very important to know about these type drawings for QS since he has to deal with the variations to the contract. Simply any changes to tender drawings, specifications shall be known as variations. (To be discussed in detail).

The following diagram summarized the above mentioned process.

Process of preparation of drawings

Process of preparation of drawings

The above mentioned process is common for the traditional method re-measurable type contract. Here traditional method means consultant is responsible for the design & contractor is only undertaking the construction. Re-measurable contract means, contractor shall be paid for the work actually done at site by using the agreed rate of the BOQ. The process will be varied to other types of contract. Example: design & Build. In next article, terms related to
contract shall be discussed in detail.Written by Gowrinath  ©



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