The weight of steel bars of different diameters can be calculated using the formula for the weight of a steel bar per unit length, multiplied by the required length and the density of steel. The weight of a steel bar per unit length can be calculated using the formula:

Weight per unit length=π×Diameter2​/4×Density of steel

Here, the density of steel is typically taken as 7850 kg/m³.

Let’s calculate the weights for the given diameters:

  1. For 16mm diameter bar:
  2. For 12mm diameter bar:
  3. For 20mm diameter bar:
  4. For 25mm diameter bar: Weight per unit length
  5. For 8mm diameter bar:

Using these formulas, we can calculate the weights per unit length for each diameter. If you provide the required length of the bars, I can then calculate the total weights for each diameter.


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