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What is FormWork in construction?

Formwork is the mould to shape the concrete structure. Good concrete cannot be made from a poor mould; thus formwork is very important in producing good concrete. Besides that, it has to be designed to take the concrete load and the working load generated from workers and plant.

Column Forwork and support

Column Forwork and support

The following factors were considered when doing form work;Timber and plywood were generally used Materials in the site for in-situ concrete work. Columns Beams slabs lift walls and staircases were all constructed using Timber and plywood formwork. Steel casing formwork was used for few structures such as round columns.


  •   Correct position
  •   Line and level
  •   Accuracy within permitted tolerances
  •   Shape of members
  •   Verticality (plumb)
  •   Correct angles for batters etc.
  •   Finishing heights (mark off)
  •   Formwork joints flush and tight
  •   No nails protruding into the concrete
  •   Formwork joints sealed as required
  •   Construction joints strutted and supported


All the above formwork was supported with the following false work and other materials


  • GI pipes, concrete & wire nails
  • Form ties (to tie the separates and GI pipes)
  • Separates (thread bar & P cone)
  • Pipe supports and “T”,”U” jacks
  • adjustable steel props, mould oil (diesel & grease)

Example Form work Cross section of a Column

Example Form work Cross section of a Column

Example Form work Cross section of a Column

   What are the accessories/tools used in Formwork



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