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Sustainable Construction

Sustainable Construction is the selection of materials or products for the construction activities in terms of reducing the use of natural resources, ability of reusing the materials and reducing the wastage.

Sustainable buildings are built and designed according to the practices low energy consumption, free of physical and environmental issues and free of health issues and pollution due to wastes. According to sayings 3 P’s are considered in this type of construction. They are as follows,

  1. Planet
  2. Profit
  3. People

When considering the construction, social, economy and environment influences well. In sustainable construction also the above mentioned three factors influences.

Influence of social factor in sustainability construction

The sustainability of social factor is mainly considers the people who use or associate with the building. During the construction the long life span of the building is considered in the structural designing of the building. At the same time more focus was given to installation materials used for the preparation of building. For example, selection of paint, chemicals, roof materials. The comfort of users with solar power, enough ventilation for natural air, good water supply and free from dust are some social sustainability activities considered in construction.

Influence of environmental factor in sustainability construction

The location of a building and use of energy efficiency within the building are the most important activities in environmentally sustainable construction. Given below are some ideas for sustainable constructions,

Wind turbines

Wind turbine

Wind turbine

Eco roof

Eco roof

Eco roof

Solar panels

Solar panel 

Solar panel 

Use of geothermal energy

Geothermal Energy

Geothermal Energy


Low-flow toilets

Low flow High efficiency Toilets

Low flow High efficiency Toilets

Influence of economic factor in sustainability construction

The reduction of cost by using materials that can easy to transport, replace, low maintenance and effective is the best way for a food economic sustainability construction.

Issues of sustainable buildings
Initial installment coast
Long term monitoring for material and its performance at initial stage
Necessary maintenance
Use of new technological ideas and designs in construction




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