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Use of Hoist in construction


Hoist  is a device for raising or lowering a load by means of a drum or wheel lift to which wraps the rope or chain. It can be operated by hand, is driven electrically or pneumatically, and the chain or wire rope fibers are used as lifting device. The load connected to the lifting means of a lifting hook

Hoist lifting materials

Hoist lifting materials

Also known as a man-lift, Buck-hoist, temporal lift, builder forklifts, lift or elevator, is this kind of lift is often in large construction projects large as tall buildings or large hospitals. There are many other uses for the elevator.

other industries use the buck  hoist for full-time operations. The purpose is to transfer its personnel, material and equipment between the ground and the upper floors, or between plants in the middle of a structure.

Electric Hoist used in construction 

Electric Hoist used in construction



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