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Road header machine in Construction

A road header machine called a boom type road header. Road headers are advanced, self forced and extremely powerful rock cutting machines are designed to excavate roadways, tunnels and compartments continuously without using volatile. Powered electro hydraulically, they produce no fumes and are used extensively in mineral mining, coal mining and underground construction projects, where their capacity to excavate the desired profile without causing damaging vibrations is highly valued for both safety environmental reasons.

Road header machine

It  is a piece of excavating equipment consisting of a boom mounted cutting head, a loading machine usually involving a conveyor and a crawler travelling track to move the whole machine forward into the rock face. The road header also includes separate part, multi purpose hydraulic cutting heads for increasing on excavators.
The cutting head can be a general purpose rotating drum mounted in line or perpendicular to the boom or can be particular function heads such as jack hammer like spikes, compression fracture micro wheel heads like those on larger tunnel boring machines like a gigantic chain saw for dicing up rock or simple jaw like buckets of traditional excavators.

• Construction road headers
Road headers for construction are set with powerful, transverse cutter heads proven to give the best cutting performance in a wide range of rock formations. Subway tunnels, shaft sinking, rehabilitation of existing tunnels, road tunnels and excavation of underground caverns are some examples where these machines have established their great flexibility.

• Mining road headers
Road headers for mining are prepared with powerful, transverse cutter heads proven to give an unparalleled cutting performance in a wide range formation of rock. Mounted on an extremely robust hydraulic boom they are reliable, rugged, highly creative result for both development and direct production duties.

• Hydraulic cutting heads
Hydraulic cutting heads are designed to be increase on suitable excavators quickly and easily. With transverse cutting structures, tried, geometrically optimized and tested on some of the world’s most rocky mining and tunneling machines, they are well organized, multi use tools for various applications including scaling, production, tunnel treatment, roadway leveling, trenching and demolition.



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