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Basic things you should know about tender documents – Part 02

Basic things you should know about tender documents – Part 01


Specification is one of the vital document needed for bidding process. It describes dimensions, properties of materials used, workmanship and quality required for a particular work trade. The success of bidding generally starts with proper and depth understanding of given specification. Specification is generated by teamwork of engineers and architect.

Specifications need to be read in conjunction with other documents such as tender drawings and tender BOQ.

Comprehensive specification eliminates conflicts and ambiguity in post-contract stage.

Figure 1. Extract from specification for brickworks

Forms of bid

The form of bid is used to get confirmation from bidder on understanding contract details and typical tender procedures. The bidder confirms that following documents are referred and incorporated prior bid submissions.

  1. Conditions of contract
  2. Specifications
  3. Drawings
  4. BOQ
  5. Contract data

In addition to that, Bidder accepts the below mentioned points in the form of bid.

  • To complete the project as stated in contract data if the bid is accepted
  • Bid validity as specified in instruction to bidders.
  • To use bid as contract unless and until a formal agreement is prepared.

Bills of Quantities

As attached below, blank BOQ shall be issued to all bidders. Bidders shall fill the rate and amount column to get the final tender sum.

Figure 2. Extract from sample blank BOQ

By referring the documents mentioned above, Bidder shall submit his price for particular project.


The following information need to be submitted by bidder to provide detail understanding about the capacity of undertaking the particular project. Depends on the less complexity of project some of the below mentioned documents may not be needed for some projects.

  • General information about company registration & ownership
  • Annual Turnover information
  • Adequacy of working capital
  • Construction experience in last 5 years
  • Construction management staff detail
  • Time schedule for key staff
  • Work programme.
  • Input percentage for price formula
  • Major items of construction equipment proposed.


These drawings are provided to bidder for understand workmanship and get a basic idea of quantities required for that particular project. It is noted that, basic information only available in tender drawings since it is mainly used to assist tender submission. (Refer previous article on drawings).

Standard forms of bid

In this section bidder shall submit the bid security to obtain eligibility for valid bid submission. In the bid security, guarantor generally a financial institution guarantees to pay the agreed amount to consultant or engineer in the following circumstances.

  • Bidder withdraws his bid during the bid validity period
  • Bidder does not accept the correction of errors
  • Bidder refuses to submit performance guarantee after the receipt of acceptance of bid

In addition to this a detailed check list shall be provided to the bidder to make sure the smooth progress on tender submissions.

In conclusion this article discusses all the required tender documents, but in reality some of them may not be required with the acceptance of engineer.

Written by Gowrinath.S  ©