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Construction Site Safety

The work which deals with many hazardous tasks can be stated as construction. As it deals with repairing, maintaining and building infrastructures internally or externally, the following hazardous situations are associated. They are working with heights, noise, dust, chemical substances, electrical equipment, heavy machinery etc.  Currently in developing countries construction works plays a major role while it increased the fatality. To overcome this rescue situation knowledge on construction site safety is important. According to the recent statistics the following hazardous situations cause the life threatening injuries to the workers.

  • Falls from heights
  • Scaffold collapse
  • Electrocution
  • Trench collapse
  • Repetitive motion injuries
  • Failure to use the Personal protective equipment
Work safety

safety at work-

The top site safety procedures recommended by Occupational Safety and Health Administration and by many other are noted as follows.

Obeying the basic site rules

Keeping the site clear and tidy, display the hazard notification boards, materials should be stacked neatly, the arranged stack shouldn’t be too high and the openings at the floor should be informed or covered or fenced.

Being aware of the hazard and provide enough training

Every-one who step in to a work site should be aware of the possible hazards as to protect themselves and others. Providing simple and effective training to new workers or training on new equipment is essential in a work site. Every worker should be provided with enough knowledge on site safety, their common mistakes, possible site hazards and emergency response to common risks.

Proper communication between workers and management

Before a day work starts, the in charge officer should thoroughly explain the respective work for each worker. Explaining a day’s goal will reduce hazards as the workers ready to face the situation. Workers should know the situation and how they can react if a critical situation arises without any surprise.

Handling proper equipment an ensure personal safety

Appropriate and proper equipment should be provided to reduce injuries. Workers should check the equipment or machinery before start to work with it, whether the equipment provided with guard or not. Double check all the necessary before handling an electrical tool, confirm that enough lighting is provided for the work area and wearing personal protectors will help to ensure the personal safety on a work site.

Enough Supervision

Construction managers should implement proper work site supervision with documentation. Safety checks, emergency tool kits, emergency numbers, work approval documents should be maintained within the work site. Also the construction companies should obey the construction legislation.