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Construction Management Professionals- Introduction

Key Construction Management Professionals: Introduction

Prior to understand the roles and responsibilities of construction management staff, it is recommended to understand some key words.
• Professional – A person providing quality services to the community without harming to the society as well as profession.
• Professionalism: An attitude that individuals assume to portray and protect the image of profession
• Professional = Skills + Knowledge + Respect for ethics
Although there are several professionals involving in construction industry, in this article roles and duties of following professionals is discussed: Architect, Civil Engineer, Building Services Engineer, Project Manager, and Structural Engineer & Quantity Surveyor.

Architect – Roles & Duties

Architect Acts as the Client’s adviser & additionally to administer of building contract fairly between client & contractor. (RIBA). He has to develop & produce schemes to be viable in terms of build ability. In addition to that architect needs to produce all necessary drawings, diagrams, and specifications to satisfactory standards. Architects works on design, documentation and construction phases.

Civil Engineer – Roles & Duties

Definition: Artist who implementing appropriate solution for practical problems in construction industry. Other main duties are
• Analyze survey reports, maps, and drawings to plan projects.
• Inspect project sites to monitor progress.
• Direct construction, operations, and maintenance activities at site.

Structural Engineer – Roles & Duties

It is a branch of civil engineering. Main duty is to prepare drawings of structures considering strength calculations, loads and forces and determining the sizes (thickness span & Depth) of structural members and quality, size & types of reinforcement. During construction, Structural engineer inspects materials and provides approvals on structural integrity test.

Building Services Engineer – Roles & Duties

It is the Aspect handled by mechanical & electrical engineers. (MEP). They bring life to buildings to by designing mechanical & electrical system. Building service engineers play important role towards the sustainability of buildings. They produce and maintain stable environment with correct temperature, air quality & lighting levels.

Project Manager – Roles & Duties

Project manager is defined as the person who is responsible for the project as whole. Management of project constraints (Time, Quality & Cost) and Handling day to day activities are the main duties of a project manager. In addition to that, PM Contribute to risk management & value management exercises and Monitor and assess overall programmes and cost plans.

Quantity Surveyor – Roles & Duties

Quantity Surveyor’s main role is to ensure the value for money all the time. QSs Prepare and evaluate tenders with information provided by other construction professionals. Other job roles are:

  • Management and administration of project contracts.
  • Estimation & Measurement.
  • Commercial advices and involvement on arbitration & dispute resolution.

Although above mentioned are the key construction management professionals, but to complete all tasks properly support from below mentioned professionals is highly required.

  • Geotechnical Engineer
  • Land Surveyor
  • Artisans
  • Supervisors
  • Safety Officers

In conclusion, teamwork is very vital for the successful project. Therefore this article recommends everyone who is reading this, to become as professionals in their respective professions and pay respect to every profession as well.


Written by Gowrinath.S  ©